Ju Lie KIM

Ju-Lie-KIMArriving in Hobart in 2011, Ju Lie studied Year 11 and 12 at Hobart College. During this time, she achieved great academic success. Studying a diverse range of subjects, including English as a Second Language, Maths Applied, Maths Methods, Japanese, Accounting, English Communications, and Korean, Ju Lie was the recipient of an academic award for her results in Maths Applied, and achieved a perfect score in Japanese.

The best part of studying in Tasmania, however, was the great support from her teachers. “The support and warm attitude of the teachers gave me a lot of positive energy”, she says.

During her time studying in Tasmania, Ju Lie developed a strong interest in Accounting. She credits her time in Tasmania as helping her to identify this interest, and plans to continue studying in this field at university.